Resilience is the key to living a happy successful life, and I would be honored to teach you how.”
Dr. Delvina

Bringing the science of positive psychology and resilience into your homes, schools and organization so you can grow, succeed and thrive!

Through engaging trainings, keynotes and retreats, I help individuals, families, schools and organizations foster resilience and build a capacity to thrive through setbacks, challenge and change. Please take a minute to check out my Ted Talk!

Why Book Dr. Delvina?

During these turbulent times, it’s increasingly more important that individual employees, staff and parents develop resilience and agility to enable flexibility and growth. Chronic stress, anxiety and burnout all have a detrimental effect on the ability for an organization, school, or family to adapt and thrive. Fostering resilience has been proven to boost individual engagement and wellbeing, which in turn leads to increased performance, sustainability, and success.

Client takeaways after a Dr. Delvina talk!

“The talk was so informative and gave real information on how to bring focus back to being positive.”

“Dr. Delvina Miremadi-Baldino was lovely and helpful. Her calming voice combined with the wealth of scientific information described in a meaningful everyday way was greatly appreciated.”

“Delvina used great examples, really put into perspective for me how I battle “mind chatter”.”

“I learned that my thought patterns are normal and that there are easy ways to redirect thoughts and negativity.”

Past Talks by Dr. Delvina

Any of the following talks can be tailored for your organization and your audience and can be delivered via top-of-the-line web conferencing solutions, which delivers a seamless, easy-to-use experience where participants can engage from any device, separately or as a group. Face-to-face events may be possible.

Finding the Superhero Within: Facing Covid-19 With Resilience, Strength, and Compassion.
In times of struggle or stress, we all wish a superhero could come rescue us. But what if you could realize your own superpowers and rescue yourself? During this webinar you will discover your character strengths, the positive parts of your personality that are the keys to you being your best self. And you will learn the science behind mindfulness practice and how it can help regulate your emotions and thoughts, so you face this current world crisis with more clarity, control and compassion.

Stress Better: Learn How to Respond to Stress with More Awareness, Choice and Resilience.
Individuals today are facing unprecedented challenges, uncertainty, and stress. And while we can’t change the actual stressors of the world right now, the science suggests we can change how we respond to them. Stress is a cycle, and we must learn how to complete that cycle so we can return to a balanced state. In this training, we will harness the science of our stress response to learn strategies to can complete the cycle and ultimately stress better.

The Science of Happiness
Learn how to bring more happiness to your personal and professional life. Research supports that happy people feel better, do better, and live better. While this is great news, it still begs the question, why? And more importantly, how? During this session, we will explore the history and research behind this concept of happiness, how it relates to the various facets of your life, and what intentional activities you can do to increase your life satisfaction and fulfillment. There are many pathways to happiness, so let’s get your journey started!

Resilience in Times of Change
Change is an inevitable part of life. Sometimes it hits us unexpectedly and other times it comes as a consequence of a decision we made. Either way, change can be scary if we aren’t prepared to be flexible and resilient in the face of it. Especially in the workplace, organizational change can impact individual employee’s performance and productivity. Thankfully, based on decades of research, we know that it isn’t the change itself, but how we perceive it. And there are specific internal and external resources that can be taught to help individuals not only effectively adapt to change but also thrive through it. Resilient people are optimistic, purposeful, growth oriented, engaged and connected. In this webinar, participants will: explore the impact of change on individuals and organizations, define the concept of resilience and how it’s essential to cope with change, and learn the skills necessary to foster resilience and make healthy transitions.

The Benefits of Mindfulness
Lots of us would like to be more mindful, and live a more balanced life, but we don’t know where to begin. During this session you will learn a few practical techniques, like breathing and meditation exercises, that you can employ at any time (and in just a few minutes!) to get yourself into a more mindful state. A regular mindfulness practice can help you feel better, reduce your stress, and enjoy life more.

Practicing Gratitude to Boost Your Happiness
Gratitude is the extremely powerful quality of being thankful that can change your life for the better. If you’re looking to bring more happiness into your life, then practicing gratitude is your answer. Gratitude opens your heart and your mind allowing you to feel more present, generous, thankful, empathetic, kind, patient, positive and more aware of the beauty that surrounds you.

Involvement and Engagement
Learn how small acts of kindness and a state of flow can change your life. Do you ever ask yourself, “What can I do today to change my life for the better?” Thankfully, research supports that there is something we can do about it, and it’s actually quite easy. In this session, we will explore two actionable concepts, acts of kindness and flow, that you will enjoy adding to your daily/weekly routine and that will help you live a happier, positive, purposeful life!

Harnessing the Power of Positive Thinking
Negative self-talk, which often impedes our everyday lives, can be extremely harmful to your personal relationships, productivity and performance and overall quality of life. This is why learning to change how we think is crucial to our happiness. It takes time and a conscious effort, but if we can change our “faulty” thinking and replace it with more rational, realistic, and positive thinking, then we will be able to approach the challenges in our daily lives from a more confident, rational, and optimistic perspective.