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Resilient living is having the knowledge and skills to THRIVE
in all aspects of your life.

To live a thriving life one must embrace the idea that just because they are not sick, doesn’t mean they are living an optimal life and thriving. To thrive in life is to be healthy, happy, loved and fulfilled. Learning and applying various resilience-building skills, like gratitude, self-efficacy, optimism and hope can help enhance your well-being and allow you to truly flourish.

Want to thrive in all aspects of your life?

  1. Build and know your strengths. Living a thriving life requires us to know and build on our strengths. Instead of focusing on what's wrong and trying to fix it, focus on what's right and how to build upon it.
    Utilize and celebrate your strengths and you will soar to new heights.

  2. Living a thriving life means being satisfied and happy. While some of our life satisfaction and happiness is due to genetics, or external events, a great proportion is determined by things we can
    control, our intentional activities (what we think, do and feel). The key to living a thriving life is through
    how you think, what you feel, and most importantly what you do!

  3. Connect with others! Strong social connection is a defining component to happiness. Deepening existing relationships and extending your network of quality relationships can help you feel more confident and optimistic, and lead to more prosocial reciprocity, such as helping, sharing, donating, and volunteering.