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Student Coaching


Academic Resilience Coaching for Students

Navigating the academic, social and personal journey through high school and college can be challenging for students and their families.  At various points during their learning journey, students might find themselves feeling unmotivated, disengaged, lonely, or hopeless about the future and their abilities to achieve.  If this sounds familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

With 30% of college and university students dropping out after their first year, we MUST TAKE THE CHALLENGES STUDENTS STRUGGLE WITH ON A DAILY BASIS SERIOUSLY. They need support and Realize Your Resilience is just the answer!

RYR specializes in a unique form of life coaching, tailored to help students foster their unique capacity for resilience and discover their individualized pathways to success. Every student deserves to wake up in the morning feeling confident in who they are, believing in their abilities, and feeling optimistic and positive for the future. And with this confidence, belief in themselves, and new perspective, students are better equipped to navigate the challenges they face with grit (perseverance and passion) and resilience (grow, succeed and thrive).

There is no one size fits all model to academic resilience coaching. Rather, RYR’s approach honors that each individual has their own unique “learning” journey and that given the right tools, curious questioning, and safe space to explore, they will have the capacity to flourish!

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Dr.Delvina Podcast

Listen to the Dr. Delvina podcast on Prepped & Polished where she discusses
"Helping Teens Realize Their Resilience".

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