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Editorial Policy


Realize Your Resilience is devoted to connecting you to informative and educational resources in a secure online environment. To support that effort, Realize Your Resilience LLC (“Realize Your Resilience") provides this website through an external partnership with Life Advantages LLC ("Life Advantages").

Realize Your Resilience and Life Advantages share a goal to provide you with accurate, detailed and professional content. The serious events in your life demand serious solutions. That's why we make every effort to produce leading-edge material to offer on this site. As a user, it is entirely up to you to decide which content is most relevant to the situations in your life. Please understand that material on this site or any other website should never be used to replace professional advice. You should always consult a professional before following any information available on this site or any other website.

The content on this website is selected for being relevant, up-to-date and comprehensive. It is provided by Realize Your Resilience and managed by Life Advantages. Unless otherwise noted, the content presented here is protected under copyright held by Realize Your Resilience.

We make every effort to frequently replace outdated information, when updated content is made available. Please be aware that content may be removed from the site without notice, while new information is in the process of being delivered and/or reviewed for consistency.