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Thrive Through It

PRODUCTS: Thrive Through It
A self-paced journey for a thriving college experience

The Thrive Through It student resilience course is grounded in the positive psychology research supporting resilience as a key factor for improving student wellbeing, engagement, academic performance and persistence. Based on these years of research, we know that the capacity for positive academic outcomes can be enhanced through the resilience of the individual. In other words, the more resilient an individual is, the more likely he or she will have the capacity to overcome challenges and risk and have a successful, thriving college experience.

The Thrive Through It student resilience course begins with a scientifically validated Resilience Success Assessment, designed to measure the seven key factors in academic resilience for college students. Students will then enjoy:

  • A user-friendly, self-paced course experience,
  • full audio capability,
  • interactive exercises,
  • and a custom completion certificate.

Course Lessons Include:

The Thrive Through It course contains a variety of resilience building lessons all designed specifically around the 7 Building Blocks of Resilience. Course lessons include: Purpose, Hope, Goals, Optimism, Mindset, Self-Efficacy, Negative Thinking, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Gratitude, Positive Emotions, Empathy, Forgiveness, Goals, Expectations, Strengths, Participation, Flow, Giving Back

Introduction to Resilience

Get a FREE inside look at Thrive Through It! Click Below to watch the first Introduction to Resilience module of the course and learn more about all this course has to offer.

Introduction to Resilience Positivity Ratio

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