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Coaching Pricing


How Much Does Resilience Coaching Cost?

Realize Your Resilience (RYR) Coaching takes a personalized approach that is unlike anything you have done in your life. Because of this, our rates are flexible and allow for you to purchase a package that makes sense for you and schedule your sessions at a time that works best for your weekly calendar.

Some clients prefer coaching sessions throughout the year while others prefer just a few weeks. There are also additional check-ins and resource offerings that are built into the coaching schedule that is personalized to each client’s RYR plan. In addition, the core fees for RYR include an initial Start-Up Session of at least one hour of one-on-one coaching. It is this important foundation session where the coach and individual go over a variety of measurement tools and discuss past experiences, current and future goals, worries, strengths and hopes for life now and in the future.